At Innovative Dental By Dr. A, patients can enjoy high-quality, personalized care for all members of their family. They can even enjoy the restoration and beautification of dental implants, which are placed by an in-office periodontist. Dr. A can restore dental implants in order to bring a patient’s pure beauty back to the forefront of their smile.

Dental implants are specialized restorations that are used for a few reasons. A dental implant can be a substitute for a single missing tooth, or if several teeth are missing, multiple implants can be placed to replace those teeth. Implants are made of titanium and are surgically placed into the bone underneath the gums. The titanium material is important, as it is biocompatible with the patient’s body and readily accepted as its own. The implant is then restored with a dental crown or bridge, which will replace the appearance of the missing teeth. Implants are important to maintain bone structure and keep the surrounding teeth from shifting out of place after a tooth has gone missing from the patient’s smile.

Dental implants can also be placed and used in conjunction with dentures. Dentures can snap into place with the dental implants, eliminating the need for dental adhesives such as pastes and gels that often don’t suffice. Many patients have floating dentures due to the lack of an adequate ridge of gum and bone, so dental implants can be used to secure the dentures in their proper place and reduce irritation, movement, and an uncomfortable fit. You will be able to talk, laugh, and enjoy your favorite foods without difficulty, or fear of your teeth slipping.

How To Take Care Of A Lost Tooth Through Dental Implants

How To Take Care Of A Lost Tooth Through Dental Implants

You’ve lost a tooth and you’re tempted to just let it go. No one will know you lost a tooth, right? Wrong. A lost tooth changes everything; your remaining teeth will slide into the empty socket, changing both the structure of your jaw and the alignment of the remaining teeth. Misaligned teeth are more difficult to clean, leading to further tooth decay and tooth loss. Even the loss of a single tooth can cause your jaw to change shape, enough so that it is visible to your friends and family. You immediately look older. Dental implants actually bond to your existing bone making an artificial root as solid and as natural looking as the rest of your teeth. Dental implant replacements allow you to once again eat the natural healthy foods that add stamina and years to your life. Call now to schedule your no obligation consultation.

Dental implants have many benefits. They do not require that patients grind down completely healthy adjacent teeth, and they can help restore and stimulate bone growth underneath the gums. This is important to eliminate that “sunken-in” appearance that many denture wearers experience. Dental implants are permanent, long-lasting restorations that can improve a patient’s ability to bite, chew, and talk more than any other cosmetic restoration. They require no special care or attention, and are treated just like your natural teeth.

If you’re ready for a positive experience at the dental office, call Innovative Dental By Dr. A today. Our helpful, caring staff is ready to serve you and your family, and allow you to enjoy the dentist’s chair no matter what stage you are in your life and in your dental care. Call us today to schedule a consultation appointment, and start taking care of your smile!

Dr. Anirudh Patel

Dr. Anirudh Patel board-certified Best dentist at Innovative Dental by Dr. A in the area of Philadelphia PA

Dr. Anirudh Patel is a board-certified dentist at Innovative Dental by Dr. A in Philadelphia. A graduate of Case Western Reserve University, the University of Maryland (magna cum laude), and the Academy of Modern Implant Dentistry, Dr. A is a board-certified American Dental Association (ADA) member and a member of Spear Education and the Spear Study Club and Phelan Dental Seminars.

He is currently pursuing his general dentistry fellowship and is qualified in all dental specialties, including dental surgery, full mouth rehabilitation, orthodontics, cosmetic and general dentistry. After practicing dentistry for eight years, Dr. A received the award in 2022.